Five excited girls scrambled around the office each clutching their cards with hints on  the whereabouts of their readers. Judging from their initial reaction – total confusion – I took it they hadn’t done a treasure hunt before. This is how Pasali‘s in-house course Introduction to Copywriting and Development started, today.

Pasali has seen many results in the past years which unfortunately hasn’t been properly recorded and shared. This is a typical issue with small NGOs all over the world: under-documentation.  With this course leadership and I hope to train not one but six talents! This helps create possibilities for them here in their own country.  So for the coming 9-months these beauties and I will work hard towards solid writing skills,  taking good pictures, and making neat paper and digital materials of all kinds. The pilot (April, May, June) will see them doing many first times: blogging, creating a press kit, making a 5-minute documentary, and understanding the huge concept of SEO.        By the end of the year, one or two is bound to stay for a while. I hope.


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