NOTE – the selling price taken P10/kilo varies from trader to trader. Kilos output is 4000 kilos of dry rice.

I heard that SRI farmers have about the same output as the conventional method – more or less 100 sacks of freshly threshed rice is 4000 kilos of dry rice. However. The production costs for SRI are far lesser then the conventional methods. I listed the figures and the graph above is the result of my calculations. The profit margin of a farmer for SRI is twice that of the conventional method. 100% MORE.

And thats not all. Pasali loans a rotary weeder to the family and usually they buy the weeder at the end of the harvest, which I included in the production expenses. But the next harvest, they can minus that off of their list. So that is less cost for the 2nd cropping. Also, they know a little more about their land’s reaction to SRI, so the 2nd cropping should have a higher yield. Cambodian SRI farmers harvest up to 4000 kilos more than this region’s current harvest. Imagine how high the margins soar then.

The coming months the trainees will start putting SRI numbers into xcel and turning them into graphs. They will also blog their experiences with the families. Stay in-tuned for that!


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