Last August 16-20 in Lake Sebu, directors, division chiefs, planning officers of the Agricultural Training Instutite of the Department of Agriculture DA-ATI came together to share their results in plenaire sessions and review its plans for the rest of the semester. Pasali was invited to speak since it is a local DA partner for the System of Rice intensification (SRI).

Since this year the department made Pasali its its external trainer for SRI. In July earlier this year, the first training of 100 farmers took place in Palimbang. During the meeting, Pasali coordintor Charles Ty and SRI farmer trainer Florante Sabiwang presented Pasali’s farm scheme and its results, and Pasali’s own rotary weeder that drastically increases SRI yields.

I still have to drill Charles “Teng” how it went. Last I heard Pasali was tipped by DA contacts to apply to become an official service provider for SRI and farm tools.


One thought on “Pasali speaks with Department of Agriculture

  1. im a sri farmer i started it last 28 June 2010 with an area of one thousand six hundred twenty square meters harvested forty seven sacks of play. this cropping i will expand it to 2.3 hectare pray that God will help with this endeavor and my co farmer in Simaya Malaybalay City will follow what i did

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