Last year, PASALI members, my students and I climbed up the mountain of Biao to visit the Manobo tribe there. They wrote stories about the life of village. Vote for your favorite picture and story from now until May 7. The best picture and story wins a prize.

The Cooking Story

by Richel Ventura Anim

“Whew! Is this true? I’m finally backed in this semi-primitive yet, progressive land of Manobos,”
I can’t help but amazingly whisper to myself upon stepping the threshold of Sitio Biao. Read more

Breakfast in the neighbourhood

by Mary Dawn Mantala

Early before the sun rises, a Manobo man wakes up. He Fills a kettle with water and burns some dry wood. While waiting for the water to boil, he lights up a cigarette to warm himself in the cold of the early morn. Read more

The problem with eyes

by Mariam Ty

Last September 13-14, I went to Biao for the first time. The main reason for me was to do an orthoptic eye check on the

manobo children, which are living there. Because I didn’t know what to expect, I went there with open mind and decided to just let it happen. And that is exactly how it went. Read more

The Midwife

by Elisa Ty

Mr. Mukatil lives at the place Stio. Biao Napnapun Palimbang Sultan Kudarat. He is 35-years-old, his wife name Emma. He is a farmer and also a midwife. Read more

Classroom: an entrance into the world
by Marilyn Ty

When we think of classroom, the first thing comes to mind; a room in one school building, full of educational materials with nice design and decorations. And now, it can be a room that is well equipped of modern technology like TVs, LCD projectors and computers. But what if it is just a room with blackboard and chairs inside, no educational materials even an alphabet posters, animal charts which is commonly present in kinder and primary classroom. And it is not even properly covered. Read more

Searching Knowledge

by Esnaira Ansa

The students are from five to fourteen years old, and came from different mountains. Some are still walking with a distance of three to four kilometers from home to school. There are students riding a horse going and back home. They were sending to school even without taking a bath, no sleepers and wearing dirty clothes. Since, they want to learn the teachers don’t mind the images of their student’s s long as they understand the lesson they have. Some of them are bringing gallons going to school and when they send back home they are getting water from the spring. Read more

A Hydraulic Ram Pump for clean water

By Godofredo Rotor The area is mountainous, and the available water source is at the bottom which is 1 ½ kilometers distant. It takes time to get water going down. A hydraulic ram pump is suitable for this area. A hydraulic ram pump is Read MoreT Read more

[Dudz picture entry]

The Spring of Life

by Clarence Ty

Somewhere in province of Sultan Kudarat, in the municipality of Palimbang, we found about seventy-five households consuming contaminated unpotable water. Last 2009, about 24 indigenous Manobo residents of Sitio Biao died due “cholera”.  Read More

[Clarence’s picture entry]


2 thoughts on “A PICTURE OF BIAO – Writing Competition – VOTE NOW

  1. how sad for them we are lucky because we can eat 3 times a day we have shelter f there’s rain food education and anything we have than them. .
    where’s the government?

    • They are there somewhere, random, one-place initiatives. It takes serious political will from top to bottom to reach the far corners of every single Philippine island for education.

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