It seriously looks like they’re in real pain. But they’re not. Rather they are serious actresses of the Teatro Kawagib, the youth theater group formed under PASALI. Teatro Kawagib stages child abuse, discrimination, children in-conflict with the law (CICL), labor, trafficking and gangs. They also portray living conditions of the elderly in the hospital, home for the aged, family, and other places. They create their own original pieces: modern dance, ethnic dance, songs, props, scripts, scenes, etc. Its members represent the Tri-people group – the Moro, settler and Indigenous Peoples – of Mindanao and their original plays are based on these cultural identities. So far they have performed in in various places in General Santos, Sarangani and Sultan Kudarat.

Most visitors who come and see them are totally taken back by the diversity of the show, their energy, and just plain raw talent. These pictures and video really don’t do them justice. I say, come to Mindanao, come to visit PASALI and watch.

See more pictures of Teatro Kawagib.
See Teatro Kawagib from PASALI Philippines on Vimeo.


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