In 2003, two exited migrants and their families would not have expected in their dreams that their seed would turn into a small but terribly fierce, hardworking and ambitious organization called PASALI. Their ambition was to see businesses and industry come to life in places no one would guess would start them. But now years later, PASALI stands on the brink of doing just that.

2011 saw to life new alliances, including one forged with the Catholic Relief Services and their farmer members – for training and extension of the System of Rice Intensification. These farmers would together in cooperatives create food belts for the production of (organic) rice that cost them a fraction of what their old way cost and 30 – 60% less methane and nitrogen. 2012 also saw PASALI become the installer of hydraulic ram pumps with AIDFI and Coca Cola – part of the company’s corporate social responsibility. They will install one or two pumps a month the coming years. PASALI with PASALI Netherlands piloted the Rice Contract Farm too, in hopes of finding a way to help rice farmers off of their burgeoning land debt. This farm’s inputs are rolled over and it will begin its third cropping this month as well as start the debt sanitation part of its program. Finally, PASALI Netherlands and Philippines began agroforestry, two hectares of rubber in predominantly Indigenous and Moro areas, which this year will become 12 hectares.

The ‘brink’ PASALI stands on therefore is multiple, multi-stakeholder endeavours. The coming of PASALI Netherlands Chairman to Mindanao this month will further determine the organizations fate in the line of social enterprise.



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