SRI is gaining ground, albeit slowly. A small update: PASALI is now officially partnering with Catholic Relief Services for the extension of SRI trainings in Mindanao, particularly Sultan Kudarat. Work is scheduled to commence this April. CRS is a USAID partner. Meanwhile a NGO for agriculture called RDISK did a training with PASALI in 2010 and since then they’ve received Oxfam support for the practice of SRI.
Furthermore, PASALI has made a bid to become the Department of Agriculture’s service extension provider specifically for SRI. The DA has announced the acceptance of the bid and this year we will see the official seals of this partnership. This partnership means closer ties with government departments for agriculture and extension of SRI into more areas.
PASALI has an instruction manual specifically for farmers for SRI. Its written specifically in tagalog and makes use of drawings rather than too much text for easy understanding. Download it here.

2 thoughts on “Extension of the System of Rice Intensification

  1. Is there contact numbers or address to farmers selling SRI / organic in CDO area?
    My family needs this if they can get close by.
    things r not good after the flood n need better quality of rice.
    salamat, Mikoy

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